Green Smoothie Challenge

Well, the Christmas decorations have come down and the house is getting a bit back to normal, if there is such a thing. Which means its time to start working on my New Years Resolutions. We all have them, and I am no different. They usually begin with something like; losing weight, getting fit or excersing more. In my case, it will be all 3!!!

I definitly over indulged this holiday season (ok, maybe a bit longer) and now is the time to fix my mistakes and get back on track. Need to look healthy and trim when swimsuit season rolls around and I get to visit my besties in California this summer!

My first step is to cut the crap and eat healthy — easier said than done, right?! I will be starting the Essante All Natural, Organic, and Chemical Free 7.65ph shakes next week and in the meantime will be doing a bit of clensing — Eeeks, never done that before… hope I can make it through!

The 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge  starts in a few days and I am both anxious and nervous … I CAN do this — Will YOU join me?!


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