Chickens: For Food, Eggs or Both?

One of my plans to help us eat healthier for less is to raise our own chickens. I like the idea of having birds that lay eggs and birds we can eat. As I am learing however, they aren’t the same thing. There are “meat” birds and “egg” birds. I thought a “bird” was a “bird”…

We have plenty of land so it’s a matter of putting up some fence and picking up the birds … right? WRONG, or so I have found out! There is sooo much more that has to go into the planning. I am so overwhelmed, and wondering if it makes financial sense invest in birds. I thought chickens just ate bugs, grass, seeds and any leftovers we would throw out their direction. Apparently, they need special “feed” and warm light too! When you add it all up, we are looking at a good $500 in start-up costs! You know how many chicken and eggs I can get at the store for $500? A LOT!

So back to the drawing board I go. So much more I need to learn about chickens before hatching season — that’s assuming I want hatchlings, which is another thing to think about…


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  1. There are plenty of chickens that are considered “dual purpose,” which means they are good for eggs and meat. Some people hatch eggs of these breeds, keep the hens for laying and the roosters find their way to the table.
    It might not be financially a break-even deal, but they add enjoyment and food to your table. Shelter is generally the biggest expense. A bag of regular feed (50 pounds) costs around $20, and they will eat any scraps you want to give them (within reason).

  2. if I had some decent land I would have chooks for pets and some purely for eggs, and some for meat. oh and 2 lamas! x

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