Day 18 : Green Smoothie Challenge

Coconut Kale Green Smoothie

So, I am really bummed about todays green smoothie :(.  I was so excited to have fresh coconut, though it was a pain to open,  but you couldn’t taste it??  The banana flavor over powered the coconut — and I even used Coconut Almond Milk.  I feel like I added the calories, sugar and fat from the coconut with out enjoying the benefits.  Oh well, there is always tomorrow with Peaches and Coconut!!!

Banana Lime Coconut Green Smoothie 

Coconut Kale Green Smoothie

1 Frozen Ripe Banana
1 Lime, Peeled
1-2 tbsp. Coconut Shreds
1 inch piece of ginger
2 Handfuls of Kale
1 Cup of Coconut Water or Almond Milk (or water)

Instructions: Wash all your produce. Chop and put into blender with a small amount of liquid to start. Add more as needed until you reach your desired consistency.



{Recipe courtesy of Young & Raw 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge}


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