How to Open a Young Coconut

How to Open a Fresh Coconut

Short Directions = Hammer & Knife!

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I was really looking forward to some coconut green smoothies on our Green Smoothie Challenge.  A nice tropical smoothie, like one I would receive laying on a beach somewhere warm.  Ok, kinda like that, just with added greens and no alcohol — so almost perfect.   I searched high and low for dried coconut, to no avail and was left with no other options but to break down and buy a fresh coconut on the way home from our morning work out.    Little did I know (but would soon find out) a “young coconut” is a bit different from your average run of the mill coconut … and not the type to purchase if you don’t know how to open one!

I had never seen a coconut like this before. I normally see the coconuts with a brown husk in the store and figured this was the same thing. It was — kinda.  Notice in the pics the brown husk is actually on the inside of the hard outer white material. It is definitely not what you envision when someone says “coconut”.   The Produce Guy said it was the same thing as coconut, but just had the skin removed … so we figured that meant it would be easier to open — NOT!  I am not sure what “skin” was removed — but it was definitely not any easier to open.  It took a few tries, but we were able to get a small X-shaped hole into the top of the coconut and drained out the coconut water.   I haven’t tried it yet, so I’m not sure how tasty it is.  I ‘ve heard its yummy, but to be honest I’m afraid to try it!

After draining the water we began our attempt to break through the white, tough material that surrounded the coconut.   It seemed that no amount of slicing, poking or prodding was getting us into the coconut.  After many attempts, hubby decided it was time to get out the hammer and bust through the shell.   Ok, it was more like he was ready to give up and have his green smoothie with no coconut — but I wasnt about to waste a perfectly good coconut.   So out to the tool box he went, in search of a hammer!  Afterall, I had been waiting all week for these coconut smoothie recipes and I wasnt going to give up now!  It took a couple of tries, but with the hammer and the knife my dear hubby succeeded and was able to split through the coconut shell … YAHOO we have fresh coconut!!! 

I have now made two green smoothies with my fresh coconut.  Unfortunately neither of them were very coconutty (is that a word??) in flavor — so it was quite disapointing.   You can read my coconut green smoothie reviews here and here.    Looks like we have one more day for coconut green smoothies and I would REALLY like to have one taste like coconut!    Am I doing something wrong?  Is fresh coconut not normally as sweet as dried coconut?   Suggestions … anyone?


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