Day 21 : Green Smoothie Challenge

Cinnamon Blueberry Pie Smoothie

Today’s shake was definitely yummy!  Not the best of the bunch, but definitely up there in the top 5 out of 21 so far.  Based on my previous experience with the apple smoothies, I chose to use only 1/2 of an apple — and it really helped!  It really avoided the applesauce texture of the Day 6 and Day 7 Green Smoothie Challenge.  I did skip the avocado as I am not a fan of them and again used spinach for my greens.  Also, cinnamon can be very strong, so I just used a “dash” and it was plenty.  I think a teaspoon would be way too much!  I also added a scoop of my  Essante Organics 7.365ph Vanilla Shake mix as suggested to make it extra yummy!

Cinnamon Blueberry Apple Green Smoothie 

Cinnamon Blueberry Pie Smoothie

1/2 Cup Blueberries
1 Apple, Cored
1 tsp. Cinnamon
1-2 tbsp. Avocado *optional (will make it creamier)
1-2 Handfuls of Kale or Other Greens
1 Cup Almond Milk or Water
Bonus Option: You can also add plant-based protein powder, chia seeds or
hemp seeds

Instructions: Wash all your produce. Chop and put into blender with a small amount of liquid to start. Add more as needed until you reach your desired consistency.



{Recipe courtesy of Young & Raw 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge}


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