About our Challenge

With every new year there is always change … and this year is no exception for the Hooper household. This blog is my way to be accountable for the big changes my family and I will be incorporating into our busy lifestyle — and will likely be entertainment for those of you who follow along!

I am a happily married mother of 2 — a teen and preteen — YIKES! We live on a couple of acres just outside the state capital with fruit trees, a small garden and a couple german shortairs (who are afraid of guns!). I am the main income provider for my family and with the turn down in the economy over the past few years, I took up couponing as a way to save my family money. Unfortunately, many of the items I was able to stock pile with coupons are pre-packaged and/or full of harmful chemicals.

This year our challenge is to Go Green. Dont get me wrong, I recycle and never have fewer than 10 fabric grocery bags with me at anyone time — but this year we plan to gradually incorporate organic, raw and chemical free items into our life.

These changes wont be easy and I’m sure we’ll have our ups and downs … but if we can do it — so can you! Join me and my family of 4 in our year-long journey to live healthy, green, and organic on one income, in a two income world.

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