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Out in the Garden

For the last couple of weeks it has been freezing cold here in the Pacific NW and it has finally thawed out!  I am anxious for the warmer spring (and summer) weather so I can put my garden plans in place for the year.

Our current garden is about 40×40, full of weeds and mud, with a 35ft of boysenberries, 20ft of golden raspberries and two blueberry plants.

Our Garden 02 05 2013

{Our Garden – Sure doesnt look very big?}


{Golden Raspberries – These need to be cut back!}



For the last 4 years I had 2 – 20ft rows of strawberries that produced from June thru October. They were AMAZING! Big, juicy berries and tons of them! But last year, I was overly optimistic and had high hopes of moving my strawberries to pallets (darn Pinterest) to free up ground space.  Unfortunately I got as far as pulling them from the ground.  I had a tough time finding heat-treated pallets and finally gave up and put them back in the ground — and only a few survived.


{Strawberries — Whats left of them}

We will definitely be adding new strawberry plants back into the garden this year (just in a way better location — so excited!) they are great for my green smoothies and strawberry jam! We will also be adding some bush beans, corn, zucchini, onions (mmm… walla wallas) and some tomato and pepper plants. This season I plan to have more veggies than weeds … which is a lofty goal for me!

How is your garden looking so far this year?  What yummy veggies do you plan to grow?


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I sure have a lot of plans for my garden this year, sure hope they all come together! Do you have any garden plans for the year?

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