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Costco : Organic Products

I have an addiction, I must admit — it’s Costco! I think I go at least once a week — and some weeks I go even more!  Today I stopped by — just because I was in the area and had some time to blow.   Check out some of the additional great finds I came across on Organic Products.  

These Kirkland Signature Organic Tomatoes are a great price — at only $.75 cents per can!  That’s about the same price as Winco for diced tomatoes.  And people say Organic costs more?! Costco had 4 different styles to choose from and ranged from $5.99 -$6.99 for 8 -14.5oz cans.

Kirkland Organic Tomatoes $5.99


I also found some Organic Sprouted Rice and Quinoa Blend by TruRoots.  I have never had Quinoa, but I’ve been seeing it around a lot lately.  A quick check at Amazon and you can tell this is an amazing deal at $8.99 for a 3lb bag!  Amazon is selling the same 3lb bag for $22.39!  After doing a bit of research, I might even purchase some seeds and try growing it myself.  I hear it’s quite pretty…

 Organic Srouted Rice and Quino Blend at Costco $8.99 

I also came across something called Organic Italian Pearled Farro.  I had never heard of this and did some quick checking to find out how it is used in cooking.  Apparently, it is similar to rice or barley and has twice as much protein as regular rice, so it makes it great for Vegans!  Looks like I might be headed back to Costco to pick some Farro up!

Organic Italian Pearled Farro at Costco $7.59


What great Organic products are you finding at your local Costco?


Costco : Organic Products

So I stopped by Costco yesterday to pick up some grapes for my Green Smoothie Challenge (cant wait to try a grape smoothie :)) and came across some great finds on Organic Products.  Looks like with the New Year they have decided to start carrying some healthier alternatives! 

Check out this great buy on Coconut Oil!  I usually get the little 16oz jar from Winco for $10.  I sure hope this is something they plan to continue carrying …What a bargain!

coconut oil

The price for Organic Sugar is a little more than double the price for C&H right now.  I have noticed in the past that the C&H will jump up to around $6.89 or so, but right now, it’s still running around .44¢ a pound.  Hard to justify the added expense at this time for the sugar since I am trying to cut back on cooking sweets.  So I picked up the Agave Nectar instead and will try that in my next batch of protein bars.

sugar       agave

Another great deal I spotted was on Flaxseed.  I had already picked some Bobs up last weeks, so I passed on this deal — but what a great price for 3lbs!  It was flying off the shelf!

What great deals have you spotted for Organic or healthier versions at your local Costco?

Fred Meyer (Kroger Affiliates) : Simple Truth Organics

I stopped by my local Fred Meyer today to pick up some fresh produce and check out a couple of these great deals on Simple Truth Organics I spotted.  Use the new Fred Meyer (Kroger) eCoupons available and save even more!   Keep in mind that store prices and eCoupons may vary by Affiliate and will take about 1 hour to load to your card.

Simple Truth Organic Peanut Butter    Simple Truth .55 eCoupon

Simple Truth Organic Peanut Butter, $3.99
use the $0.55/1 Simple Truth Organic Peanut Butter eCoupon HERE
Final Price is $3.44 each!


Simple Truth Organic Tomatoes

Simple Truth Organic Diced Tomatoes, $1.00
No eCoupon just a great price!